Thursday, March 10, 2011


There are various types of readers in my blog. One in particular are those who visit my blog to 'survey'/'find out' what I am up to. Then these readers would gather the precious information and pass it around via other mediums. Their goal?. Is to mock me and talk behind my back. They would make fun of the words I use in my blog. Hmmm self satisfaction I guess. They feed on my suffering & blog entries. Read a few fb statuses.. I was ROFLOL! they sure have this weird way of making things 'subtle' in an UnSubtle way.. Hmmm.. Anyway.. I hope YOU are not that type of reader. No point in Reading my entries and feel sooo 'sakit hati' . Move along and read oher blogs that make you happy. But if Reading my blog makes you happy because you can make ME unhappy.. Tsktsktsk.. Shame on you.. Must be really boring being you. Anyway.. Tata! Tooodles!


Risha said...

i have a confession to make. i read ur blog to see ur cat pics and new books u buy! XD


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