Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday afternoon is now..

It's afternoon already. My head is spinning due to Tramal (my new med). I was warned about it by my GP. Crazy stuff it is. Plus! My shoulders are still burning & i did plaster a Kool Fever patch on it last night. Kinda worked. Jinggo was bz playing with the used KF this morning. He is so curious . (pft! Curiousity k***** the cat!) I'm at the moment on my back , on the floor. While jinggo is invading my bed, copy is in my laundry basket & kitty is on hubby ali's chair. Did some laundry. No point in staying in n sleep the whole day. My joints will probably jammed up if I do so. Greek season 2 is on my tv. Okie.. Gtg! Afternoon power nap coming right up!  


Darling said...

Tramal is a painkiller prescribed to individuals with moderate to severe pain. It can be used by adults and children aged ≥ 12 years.

SiZ said...

yes dear, it is,and i kinda feel dizzy whenever i take it , was informed by my GP that i would experience such ..TQ Darling :)


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