Monday, March 14, 2011

Kalut Saturday- Part 1 []

Well I decided not to stay in last Saturday.

Went for a shoulder massage the day before.

So I was up and about the next day - Saturday!

Woke up early.

By 1pm I was on my way to meet Muna at e@curve.

She was my movie date!

I won two tickets to watch Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa
[ The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines ]

This is Abg Nara!

Thank you dear for the free tickets!

Anyway...My review on the movie.


Basically, if you are there to find all the faults and weaknesses in this movie.

You will find some.

But then if you are there with an open mind and ecouraging heart,

you will be able to see the uniqueness of this movie.

Ms Muna was all impressed like me.

At its TROYness and BRAVEHEART like.

There were a few gory parts which made Ms Muna and I cringed for a few seconds.

Well who won't when you see people's head being chopped off!

The script was very light yet meaningful.

I can still hear the lines spoken , hours after I left the cinema.

The Plot was kinda weak. But hey, it is history.

I really hated Khir Rahman - well his character!

I can see me feeling excited when I saw Jehan Miskin
- to me , I think HE SHOULD BE MERONG!

A bit if Jack Sparrowish scene was also in.

Overall I would say that it is impressive and can be improved.

No doubt it a great start for our MALAYSIAN director!

Review by :- BeautifulNara



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