Friday, March 4, 2011

A Friday Morning!

I'm on the bus at the moment. On my way to Shangri-La for a function with MiMOS. Suddenly I realise that I'm writting more. A few months back was mostly online window shopping and uploading pics in my entries. This is a good sign. Slowly I'm forgetting the hurtful memories ang looking ahead ( something I should have done rather that grasping at weak branches of false friendships) . Most of the time, one should hold on to what they have. Do not chase uncertainty when it comes to the matter if heart. Okie back to my journey moving ahead. Yes, I'm back! Writing journals and blog entries. It is the best remedy for me actually. Second would be my guitar and next are my drawings. I guess these three things are not any Abu, Chong & Muthu would know. :) according to a few psychology tests. I'm a Science person but my habits do not seem to comply to that idea. Hahahah is that the reason why my mind is so messed up , AT TIMES...? Hmmm I think my phone battery would die on me if I do not stop now.. Will be right back!  



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