Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cyber Bullies.

I am at the moment doing some reasearch on cyber bullies as I am one of the victims.
It is going to be a long day ahead.
Apart from doing some research on the Learning Object I am doing now at work,
I'll be trying to find more information on how to prevent and work about on this matter.

I did not realise that I am a victim,
not until my dad told me so and also some individuals who have been reading rumors about me in the net.

Will update in this entry ASAP.


Risha said...

Siz! my fren was a victim too. just recently. by her bf's sisters. they were so rude and irritating.
how are you holding up?

SiZ said...

hola dear risha!! i am holding up okie...getting all the support i need .. and i know that you will always be there for me right?..i am trying my best to be well verse in this cyber bully doing some research to help other who are facing the same problem...let us prevent and put a stop to this stupid thing! muahs to you darling Risha - do come to Kl and visit me ya!

Risha said...

yes2,got your back Siz.
i cant wait for my exams to be over so i can finally go visit you n Aysha and Aisyah and Ms. Aishah. LOL.

SiZ said...

hahahah the three aishassssss


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