Monday, March 14, 2011

Longchamp Bag? Anyone?

Recently my bff and I observe that  alot of Malaysians are carrying the infamous LONGCHAMP BAGS!

We saw this bag being sold at The Gardens a few years back [ about 2-3 years maybe ]
and did not feel the need to buy one.

Maybe because of it's expensive for a canvas tote/bag.

Well, since I am intrigued with this Longchamp mania,

I read up the history of Longchamp.

1. This brand was originated from France in the year 1948.

2. It has bags in leather and canvas.

3. In 1948, Jean Cassegrain inherited his family tobacco shop and with his great inventive mind, decided to cover the pipes in leather.
The leather covered pipes began to take off and become a luxury item that no one could get anywhere but Cassegrain's store.
He had to pick a name for his shop and so he settled on Longchamp.
 He would walk by a horse race track in Paris that was called Longchamp, translating to "long field" and he decided that would be a good name for his new leather company. Longchamp eventually expanded to purses, leather goods, and many other accessories. [ Sorce ]

3. Le Pliage - 1993 [ The popular bag! ]

Longchamp's most popular line is the Le Pliage collection.
There are several reasons for its popularity among both teenagers and adults.
While the bag may seem pricy compared to other generic bags on the market,
the price point is very reasonable considering the craftsmanship and allure of the Longchamp brand.
It's great to be able to own a quality bag that is both beautiful and practical.
The Longchamp Le Pliage collection includes a canvas surface that makes clean up a breeze.
The bag also folds up and snaps closed to a very convenient small traveling size when not in use.
 Leather accents on both the handles and top flap give the items within the Le Pliage collection a signature and stylish look that has an international appeal.
The quality and style of the Le Pliage collection is recognized and enjoyed worldwide.

4. Kate Moss for Longchamp Spring Summer 2011 Campaign

5. Malaysia based online stores.[ bought a few bags from them!]

6. Prices [ differs according to the shop you are bying from - just a guideline ]

Model # 1621089 - Small Size - Short Handle - RM355 all inclusive

Model# 1623089 - Large Size - Short Handle - RM430 all inclusive
Model# 2605089 - Medium Size - Long Handle (shoulder carry) - RM450 all inclusive
Model# 1899089 - Large Size - Long Handle (shoulder carry) - RM495 all inclusive

p/s maybe i'll buy from my friend Charmin. :P


saltvinegar said...

omg tempting.. my friend bought hers in uk for 200 ringgit cheaper!!

SiZ said...

wah!! here is like rm500+ in the boutique...for the small size..but i think it is cheaper if you buy it online


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