Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For the Love of LV - Part 1

[Monogram LV : Neverfull ]

Gosh! i am still wondering where did this craziness over LV bags came from.

Ms Nina maybe? wakakaka

Or is it my Cousin , Kak Nita [ who has like 4-5 LV bags , bought from LV Outlet!?]

When I saw my aunty with the bag maybe?

Seriously do not know!!!

It is not cheap mind you.

rm2K and above.

or is it because My elder sister has one?!

Okie back to the love of LV!

I am now contemplating on

Neverfull PM or  Delightful PM

I think PM suits me better .

By the way it has 3 sizes that i am looking at PM , MM and GM

Let me share with you a tiny bit of info about LV : Click here!

Anyway, when I buy one  

I'll drag Puan Sri Tata and Datin Sri Nina along!

p/s Kak Nita said
 " We need to treat ourself with our hard earn money!- so do not call it a SPLURGE!"

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