Friday, April 13, 2012

[Siz] Frankly speaking...

... I do not feel good.

it is as if a catastrophe is going to happen any time soon!

Is somebody going to die?

Am I going to die?


am I going to loose something?

are aliens coming to invade is and declare war?

My goodness the list can go on and on.

I hate it when this feelings come.

It will make me thing of al sorts of unrelated things.

On top of it all, i will become very mood and easily ticked off
[ which I already am]


I am trying to calm myself down without taking any medication.

Hah! who am I trying to fool here?


It is impossible because obviously it has something to do with my imbalanced hormones.

Read  Yassin and a few surahs to sleep last night, hoping that I would be okie by today.

But then, it did not work - YET! cause I am still reciting some Zikirs and Surahs.

At the moment I feel so sleepy.

Must be the Xanax.

but still.

For the past week, without taking any Xanax - i am sleepy 24/7 already.

Okie - Am I thinking too much?

But then the doctor did say yesterday that my blood pressure is quite high.

needs to be monitored.

[p.s : i look fat because i am !]



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