Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Macarons oh! Macarons

I wrote an entry about macarons before this.
But after reading this article , I had to write another entry.

 [ see!  i still can't rotate this pic la!]

Had my first Malaysian made macarons here at Whisk!

Some one I know read my previous entry on Macarons, and she said 
" Buat rugi jer beli  macarons tak jadi"

Have you tasted these dear?.

She commented on the feet / legs/pied.

 I read an article that modern macaroon makers are so obsessed with the feet/legs/pied
"Getting those feet is the obsession of modern macaron makers:-www.joepastry.com"

How to make macarons: 

a detailed, illustrated step-by-step recipe

Hahahaha..anyway I am REALLY addicted to it.

And my favourite is Lychee & Rose by Ms Pearl from FB.

From the article :-

Macarons will be the sweet sensation in 2011.

Serena Wee is going to spend around RM6K  for her macaron tower for her wedding guests!

Macarons can be bought at Starbucks in USA and McDonald's Mc Cafe in Paris.

*Only three imain ngredients : egg whites , ground almonds and sugar.

*"It took me four years to perfect my macarons," says Nathalie Arbefeuille
Nathalie's Gourmet [ Solaris Dutamas]

*She also said that one would need a good baking tray , a good electric hand beater, a good digital thermometer , a good piping bag , good quality baking paper and high quality ingredients.

*Nora from Whisk said:-
" There was a line of people waitting to buy our macarons. We'd run out by late afternoon and have to turn people away..sometimes people who have come from out of town. It was overwhelming"

*The average price of a macaron in KL ranges from between 
RM2 ( for  a macaron the size of 20-sen coin) to RM4.50 (for a macaron the size of 50-sen coin)

*After baking , chill your macarons for at least a day before you eat them. Some say a-two-day chilling period is required.

*for actual recipes and a more detailed guide . go to Syrup & Yang [ http://www.syrupandtang.com/]
and search for "La Macoranicite"

Article written by S. Indramalar from The Star.

1. Whisk – Espresso Bar & Bake Shop 
Location : LG03A, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang.

2, http://www.nathaliegourmetstudio.com/

Nathalie's Gourmet Studio - Unit 4-1-5 - Solaris Dutamas - Jalan Dutamas - 50480 Kuala Lumpur - Tel : 03 62 07 95 72

She gives Lessons and published a book!


Anonymous said...

just sharing, it's macarons. not macaroons. macaroons is another type of desserts.

awesome risha said...

i waaaaaant!!! please?

SiZ said...

ops! googled - both can be used..and it is the same thing..thanks ya! - why anonymous BTW?

risha - come la to KL...

SiZ said...

ops! so sorry - u are right mr/ms anonymous it is two different thing..thank you!


jaja said...

I pun ada buat macarons, boleh tgk kt sini http://jaja-bakery.blogspot.com

Homemade Macarons said...

I pun buat macarons..can visit my blog and comments? Thank you :)

Nazrien La Patissier said...

both are the same......macaroons are english dessert that contain only egg white,sugar, cream of tatar....while macarons are french dessert that contain white egg,sugar,almond powder......both are from the same kind of dessert which is 'Meringue Candy' what change them just the ingredients or the filling either by using pastry cream or butter cream........and the growth of 'Meringue Candy' become so popular and by adding corn starch and vinegar in the fluffy batter, its just made new dessert, Pavlova, which serve with fresh cream and fresh fruits ^_^


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