Saturday, February 19, 2011

Confession Time: Messed up brain due to TECHNOLOGY?

Ok , I have been having this confused feeling for a while.

and today i find it kinda overwhelming.

hence , this entry

[ Whip My Hair & Jezzebelle- on loop ]


Life used to be so much simpler and less confusing for me.

I find it a blur in most days - almost 24/7.

Facebook , Twitter , Blogspots, dot.coms and such are making my life a bit out of hand.

My life have been looked down upon and scrutinized like hell when all these social networks are controlling most of our 24hours!

If your life is not our of hand - be grateful.

Mine was okie 2 years ago when i had all these social network accounts ,

but now . what the heck?

peer pressure is my pressing problem [pun?]


buying things online , socializing online,

and my workline is now all ONLINE!

my face is in front of a screen most of my waking hours!

I prefer face to face.

Then the need to check in - is just making me OCD nowadays.

I used to have one OCD - stapling newspaper.

But now?

Foursquare?  - Instagram? Tweet? FB? and blog!

this is not a good sight i see here.


Maybe because i am not used to be able to see/read what happens in others' life.

I am not that type.

Back in college , I could not give a squidsquad about who is going out with who ,

or who drives what car ,

who went where and bought what .

But nowadays , these info are just thrown to  my face like nobody's business!

Maybe - just maybe I should opt my iPhone to a normal handphone .

or maybe i should just wrap it.

no more online world?

but then , oh crap - i am an SME for an e-Learning project. zas!

My confession - 
Technology is messing with my brain!

Yes it is ! 
Because back in Balik Pulau - no TV and no socialnetworks,

I was more contented with my life.

But I have to face the fact that :
 I would be not up-to-date if I opt technology OUT.

and when I am not up-to-date ,

I will be judged AGAIN!

for a set of new reasons.

PFT! nothing is perfect.



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