Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Relapse

Things are getting a bit crazy for the past few days - I blame it on my new meds.

You see i can see everything so clear - too clear that it messes up my brain.

I get confused and life suddenly become so complicated to me, that is.

Small, unimportant things suddenly turn so huge and important.

i am making a big thing out of small minute ones.

This relapse is really bad for me and also for my marriage.

Not many would understand the damage a relapse can do to one.

Unless they themselves have the relapse experience.

This is the most important step to recovery ,

and if I am not able to overcome this wisely,

it would literally eat me alive.

This is when the patience of my loved ones is being tested.

Their loyalty too.

A few gave up on me last year and turned my days into hell.

I am super sensitive now in identifying such culprits , thanks to those two Biatches.

Those to lead me to identify a few more biatches.

But hey QUALITY is more important than QUANTITY.

Till then , Bye.


Anonymous said...

kalau dah gila... gila jugak lerrr...!!!

SiZ said...

ler......ishk ishk ishk -

SiZ said...

agaknya org anonymous nih tak baca kot bahagian awal tuh - hahahha..mcm2 manusia

awesomeme said...

Dear Anonymous, pls prepare yourself, because you are about to hear some harsh realities about yourself.
#1. You are an asshole.
#2. you are a hugee asshole.

and here's why:
depression isnt something to be fooled around with. And, I am not going to bother explaining it to you as im sure your pea brain is not going to be able to accomadate such facts. instead, i just pray God bestows upon you the same treatment you have to others around you. maybe then, i'll be the one calling you crazy.
you know what they say, it takes one to know one.
just a gentle reminder, if you are messing with one of the crazies, be prepared to feel our full wrath. even if i am crazy, n ur sane, at least i dont go around making others feel bad, just so i can feel good about myself.

Love always, Budak yang teramat gila. =]
p/s: get a life Anonymous.

SiZ said...

Ms/Mr Awesomeme : Well Said!
Thank YOU!

Eliza said...

Wow..Ms. Anonymous, life must be so perfect for you all these while, but please remember what goes around comes around. Bad things might not happen to you, takut keturunan you terkena nanti. Dosa kat Allah, we can seek forgiveness, but dosa to fellow human being- u know the drill.
Take care siz...

SiZ said...

TQ Eliza - yes you are right. Takut jugak nanti keturunan Mr/Ms 'Annoy-nimous' tuh terkena mcm I. Tak rasa - tak tahu kan?..

SiZ said...

TQ Eliza - yes you are right. Takut jugak nanti keturunan Mr/Ms 'Annoy-nimous' tuh terkena mcm I. Tak rasa - tak tahu kan?..


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