Tuesday, February 22, 2011

to whom it may concern.

MW : nope i do not need another year of MC.

and i really think you need to get your facts right.

especially those who have never even met me since 1995.

and have been listening/reading stories about me from NB & MW.

it was unfair for you to believe these two.

since you have not heard my side of the story.

yes my exCBNers who i do not know you at all and you , i really doubt you know me.

NB & MW , you know that i was in the psychiatric ward , and yet you used that against me like it was a big joke.

i pray that none of your family members and even you will end up like me.

try stay in that ward for a day - i challenge you NB & MW.

and RL, i think you have got the wrong person- get your facts right dear.

Seriously, I have not persuaded - hasut anyone to hate you and your GANG.

To my ex-roomates . HMMM I have nothing that I want to reminisce about you.

you  have made my life like hell last time - no no no no more.

I have never force you people to read about my problems

Time korang susah - carik aku.
nak jual barang la , 
nak start business la , 
sedih nangis-nangis nak my advice, 
suruh aku carikkan BF la sebab orang  lain ada you takder, 
nak suruh hantar you gi sana sini , 
nak teman you sana sini,
nak tolong promote your business,

aiyo list panjang lagi la....

sekarang bila dah senang - nak pulaukan aku?

ler...tolong la.

time  kutuk orang - ishk menjela-jela -

"minah tuh macam mak datin la"
"ituh pon nak tulis kat status?"
"dia tuh memang macam tuh masa kat sekolah - aku kenal sangat dia tuh"

i duduk diam jer 


and for those yang have been spies for them ,i have removed you.

depan aku ko baik, manis je kan, kesiankan aku- 
"how are you?"

tapi belakang aku 


no point in defending yourself dearies.

because i have the evidence - the things that you have said about me.

NB , i was there for you when you were alone when no one was there for you.
I called you each day to see if you are ok.
I went to your house.
I wanted to make sure you were ok.
But i guess nothing much can be done right?
Thank you for everything ya.
Especially " Eh takper it is okie" last week.

MW : My My , you have changed.

RL: You got the wrong person.

YA: Hmmm grow up. too many things to say. but i think those two words are just enough for you.

HI: Hmmmmm i really thought you were sincere.

SA: I have yet to meet you , but you did what you did. hmmmmmm



P/S so how does it feel when i just blogged about you? - 
imagine a whole conversation between these 'saints', the things they have said about me- PFT!

ta, takper la ta, diarang nih tak pernah masuk/visit a person in a psychiatric ward
They do not now how it feels. 
Only you have.
 tapi kan ta, duduk diam pon leh kena hantam and pulau - 
macam lawak.



Dusty's mom said...

its okay Siz. dont beat urself up about making frens like this. there's no way you could have known they'd be this way. at least now you know you have given your relationships your best and you shouldnt have any regrets. instead, just think of it as a lesson well learnt. show them that they cant hurt you anymore as you have come out stronger..

Anonymous said...

U know what Siz ? There's a saying that goes ' a problem either makes us or breaks us ' . U know what - this issue has made you a better human being and a stronger one at that . Hanged those fools or should I just say ' morons ' who gossips ruthlessly becuz it's them that are with bigger and greater problems . It's ' them ' who needs physiatric help .
So - you be cool and stay strong and always thank Allah for your blessings :)

Ceerio !

SiZ said...

TQ to my dusty's mom & anonymous: can't really reply much. I'm attending a course in JAWI. Reply via mobile with free WIFI-chipsmore! Hihihi

Alhamdulillah , Thank Allah - I have become a better person from this battle. I am 80% recovered. I do not blame those people- because I ASSuME that they do not have any experience on how to handle a depressed person- and they definitely did not learn psychology (not to belittle others' problem and spread it like you own sitcom). So yes, I have forgive and forget ( ops! Did some say holier than thou ?- whatever!)...

I have never burden others' I am not familiar with, with my problems.. But from what i observe here is that these peepsqueks have nothing interesting to do, hence - me being the DAILY topic in their FB Statuses and what not - so I pity them...

I am glad that they feel happy - to my expence that is.. I made them bond with each other- well something good did come out of my depression.

I pray real hard- none of them, their hubby, kids have depression- coz clearly they do not know how to handle it.
But aren't they scared that when they talk how psycho I am- their loved ones would turn up psycho
like me?

And it suprises me like hell- some of those gossipers- I have yet to meet them! - they believe what those gossipers say.. N in the end I AM D ONE WHO IS BEING ACCUSED OF SPREADING HATRED? - I have been so minute in my status updates.. But I am being bashed like nobody's business?

As I said in my latest FB status- only those who knows me- know what I go through..

Just picture this- I want to know about you, I asked your enemy- what feedback do u think I would get?- be smart, gt to know me YOURSELF.

Ops! Panjang pulaaak... Hahahaha

okie-gtg! It's 1204am!.. Esok nak senaman at 7am!!

Nite2 darlings!

Eliza said...

Semua ni ex-cbners ka?

SiZ said...

eli: -_-


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