Wednesday, February 2, 2011

KL - A Day Before Chinese New Year

This was the traffic in KL at noon today.

Anyway, I had lunch with Tata at BSC.

The Tea Republic.


Sheila said...

all those macaroons pic of yours really made me craving for sweetness, at least..because we dont have macaroons here, yet.. :P

SiZ said...

hye sheila! i wonder where are yo staying...some bakers can post the macarons..:)

Sheila said...

Im staying in Bintulu. They can ship the macarons? can u tell me which baker? I really want to try this macarons.:)

SiZ said...

hye dear, so sorry for the late search for AMA LINA in FB or baru belajar buat ...:)


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