Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tapau : The Music, The Road & A Camera.

Years ago , my ex-student introduced me to TAPAU.

Today I saw him being tagged in TAPAU's FB.

My,my ... he is so busy nowadays.

I call him Faris Stylo since he was in school.

His hairdo always amazes me.

But I am not sure if he knows this or not.

So what is TAPAU?

Taken from their FB PAGE:

TAPAU is a series of rockumentary which takes you on the road with the artists to their favorite hidden spots across Malaysia to enjoy their music and share the story behind it.

TAPAU aims to capture the soul of the musicians and their music in it’s truest form, letting the musicians take over the show; go wherever they want to go, perform wherever they want to perform, and say what they want to say as the show is about them telling their story to the audience.

About IkanPaosCollective:

We are a group of filmmakers, designers and artists working together collaboratively as part of a professional collective.

twitter: @ikanpaos



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