Wednesday, February 23, 2011

January&February 2011

2011 has brought many wonderful memories and one minor setback (so far) Alhamdulillah- Thank You ALLAH.  I've met more new individuals in the first two months than I have last year. Maybe it is due to the slow recovery from my weakness-my depression. I have gain confidence in meeting more people. Last year, I had to cancel many get togethers due to the fact that my emotional was too unstable. There were times when I was already in my car , ready to meet someone. Than a sudden fear effected my plan. It was difficult to explain to a non believer ( of depression ). Plus! My self esteem was very low. I kept quiet and said I could not come. BUT THAT WAS LAST YEAR!.  A brand new me- or should i say the old me managed to gain control of my mind and soul to see how wonderful life is. All I needed from myself is to gain the confidence to live my life to the fullest. I can't deny that the support from my hubby, parents, siblings and close friends ( u know who u are!) also played an important role in my recovery. One minor setback did caught me off guard. But since it is the same problem by the same individuals - it was a MINOR setback. I am okie... I have reused some methods. Methods I used while I was teaching.  And the closure would be my 'getaway' here in Jawi Golf Resort. The knowledge I gain here is so valueable. And I will share it when I get back. It is kinda hard to explain now as I am using my mobile to write this entry. Okie got to go! Tonight is the presentation night! Gulp! Wish me luck! -6pm:room 105


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