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Okie , I think I did highlight the fact that I am recovering from depression. So what is this person's problem anyway?

Seriously , I doubt this anonymous [ IRRITANT] have ever experience someone who has depression [ or maybe IRRITANT is in self denial?]

Okie , I am not gonna be angry with IRRITANT , because I suddenly realise that I am right about certain things!

But I wonder why IRRITANT is reading my blog anyway. SINCE I NIHKAN GILER?

If you know me masa I was sick and in the hospital, you visited me when I was in the hospital - you would not dare to say those words.

I pray that IRRITANT , or adik beradik , mak bapak , sanak saudara dia takkan sakit mcm I.


This story was about a week ago.

And the entry above was written right after i read the comment.

Unfortunately , some people are still BUTTHURT about this

and today is 27th already!

Anyway, I have deleted unwanted mess in my Facebook Friends List.

Made my setting private -
only those picked by me would be able to read my status and go through my photo albums.

I have to protect myself when it comes to this.

I am kinda sad to see some of my other friends who had to ignore me ,
because they are afraid to be labeled


The short course at Bukit Jawi Golf Resort really opened my eyes.

If you think your problem is big , there are others who are facing bigger problems.

But then , you see... different people measure their problems differently.

They have their own combination  of serious and light problems.

You might see me facing my depression as a very minor problem,

but do you know my OTHER PROBLEMS?

Maybe my OTHER PROBLEMS are big to you - so don't simply judge me as if I am guilty.

I have not forced anyone to sit down and listened to me problems.

So why some peoplesay - "dia tuh ingat dia sorang jer ada masaalah?"

I never forced anyone to read my status updates and even this blog you are reading.

Hubby Ali was pretty UPSET when he read and found out about certain people in our life.

He just zipped his lips.

I know he is sad to see people hurting me so bad.

My dad even said that I can sue those people for CYBER BULLYING.




My last status update before i go to sleep:-

Dear friends & exstudents,if you can read this,it means that I trust you & please don't hurt me by backstabbing if there R things u do not like about me, do tell me point in spreading rumors about me just 2 prove your point.I have had enough with people hurting me so that they can feel better,worst still TO GAIN FRIENDS.- TQ 4 your patience with me and my depression-May Allah Bless you & your family.
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    • Sizarifalina Ali many have ganged up to go against me and also many have ran away from me because they are scared that i might spread the depression or they are afraid that those people who ganged up will shun them away too...pergh!. weird people are in FB. more and more each day. do choose people who can read your status and also look at your photo albums. PERASAAN HASAD DENGKI [PHD] nih ramai. they may have nice words to say TO YOU but they TALK BAD ABOUT YOU!
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    • Julia Masitah Harun tahnks for letting me to read ur stat! =D
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    • Mohd Husainy Hj Yusof siz,jgn caye kawan 100% ye:-) only parent,siblings(certain not all) and husband je yg bole percaye lebey2..the rest dont...ibarat keluar mulut harimau masuk mulut buaye plak nnt..take care:-)
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    • Sizarifalina Ali TQ sany dear!
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Some encouragements I received from my FaceBook

1, OMG sis...i did not know that ur life had been so must have been so hard for u...

i know, even if i said i understand ur condition i might not know perfectly how will it be to be u..u r one tough lady i know and
u are strong now n back then.

sis..wateve it is..there is only 1 thing that u should always remember (and others might have told u the same thing too)
we are only SLAVES for ALLAH..
and for that he had prepared us many things in life..
life is never easy..if it is, it is not life.

n u know, HE loves u so much..proove??

-when u were badly broken hearted, HE sent u away from mrsmBP so that u can forget the bitter memories there
-when u were about to really sent urself to HELL (by comitting suicide) , HE sent sum1 to safe u..and that is actually a second chance for u
-u still got to hospital with kerete yg half hancur also becoz of HIM
-u got to know the backstabbers so that u will realise not everybody is as good as we expected them to be and then u know who are ur real friends..
- most important is u got to keep the RIGHT one to stay by urside

i know it must have been really2 hard for u..

be strong sis..syaitan will be happy if u let them defeat u..
the world is temporary..what ever we face here is only a test for us to face the world hereafter..

only then we will find the true hepiness..
stay close to HIM..HE will protect u..dont give up on HIM =)

2Hye, dear. Kesian apa yang you've been thru and u shud know me better than that lah. Takkan lah I nak lari.

3.Apa diorg xde keje lain ke? Walaupn sabar pn ada limit, for now u kena gak sabar. Just ignore them. Mmg ckp senang but still, kita xleh tutup mulut org.

4. i agree dgn u to share wit hubby.apa2 yg kita buat kalau boleh never rahsiakan dgn our hubby.. at least susah senang, sakit pening, baik buruk.. biar dia tau. then again.. we have nothing to loose pun.. these are the types of ppl we sooo wants to stay away from.. apa lagi berkawan. my prinsip.. kalau dia blh buat camni kat u.. it could happen to me to rite!! 

theyre just a bunch of ppl yg tk boleh tgk org senang &pijak plak bila kita ssh.
nite2 sweet dreams babe.. hope these could make u sleep well tonite!

5.knpe diorg kutuk mengutuk...... knpe jd mcmtu ye...... any problem urfacing wwith them or they x like me.... everybody ade masaalah.... this is wat frens r 4.... 2 help each others to kurangkan depression kite...wat happen actually... i was busy 4 sometime...... my children r fine......... good ur strong.... x show others yg pandang rendah kat kite yg kite lemah... i agree wit u... suprise at dis age some of us x grow up lagi..Siz,not to worry,i think ada gak org yg tau i mentioned just now, truth prevail 1day

7. InsyaAllah Tuhan akan beri balasan pada orang2 yang menganiaya. asalkan kita jangan menganiaya orang sudah's ok kita buat baik kat dia and dia balas balik macam ni. besar pahala kita kalau kita betul2 bersabar. :D



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