Friday, February 4, 2011

One Big Happy Family.

I have 2 sisters.
Kak Long & Yaya

My elder sister has 3 children.
'Aisya, Anissa & Aiman

Such a small family?

But then I have 2 cousins from my mother's side.

Kak Endah has 4 children!
Farhan, Hadeed, Sajdah & Insyirah

and Alfi has 3 [ one more in the tummy!]
Daniel, Sophea & Taufiq

My Bff Tata has Arissa.

With that , there were 

8 children running around the house last Saturday!

We were celebrating the January Babies' Birthday.

and also it was a meeting for Yaya's Wedding.

Hubby Ali had to work. Sob Sob Sob!

but I brought along my MIL- Mak.

Farhan was at a camp.

Anyway, with 2 Bibiks and family friends ,
there were about 35 people and 1 cat [ Iesha] in the house

Taufiq and Sajdah [ the small TATA]

The three January Babies!

Aisya 20 , Inyirah 6 and Arissa 2.

My 2 sisters and I.

An Educator , A Doctor and An Accountant.

All girls.

p/s My dad is already excited with the April Babies' Birthday.

My Dad, 

Another HUGE event before Yaya's Wedding in May & June!



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