Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Shopper!

At the moment, I am at One Utama.

Sipping Lady in Red by The Obrama Chocolate Lounge.

Hubby Ali is watching a  movie with his friend , Idral.

127 Hours.

Some how , I was more interested to window shop.

Unfortunately , with the victory I just achieved last week,

I really needed to treat myself.

Knowing me , I would treat my Hubby Ali too.

1st stop : MPH
Bought a few books [ Including INTERLOCK in English]

2nd stop : Forever 21.
Asked the cashier " Do you accept Diners?"
She gave me the what the s!!! look.
As if I am asking her to pay for me.
A nice lady [ a customer like me ] explained to her , and also she gave her that "ARE YOU STUPID LOOK?"
Hahahahaha...I told the lady , do not bother and walked away.
As I was walking , I heard the lady told the cashier
"itu pon you tak tahu ker?"

3rd stop : Dorothy Perkins.
Found two tops.
MMSed it to Puan Sri and Datin Sri.
Both did not reply.
Hence I walked out empty handed.

4th stop : TOPMAN & TOPSHOP.
Literally grabbed 3 Tshirts and a wallet.
2 Tees for me.
2 Tee and a wallet for Hubby Ali.

5th stop: The Obrama Chocolate Lounge.
I am having the Lady in Red.
Had to choose something less than rm10.
because i suddenly realised that I only have rm10 and some change!

MEMANG SEDAP - Chocolaty and PEDAS!
Imagine that taste.

Cannot? Come la and sip some.

[pics will be uploaded when i get back ya!]

Have an awesome Sunday with family , friends - LOVED ONES!

p/s i think jinggo peed on my jeans!!! - now, when did THAT happen?



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