Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our first visit to Old Blossom Box !

Tada! Arissa main rocking chair kat OldBlossomBox!

EH! apa tuh - ada cat!

Nama cat comel!

Arissa seronok main ngan Debab.

Habis di kepungnya Debab dengan barang!


Just me!

The Reason we went to Old Blossom Box is because,

I had to pick up and pay the balance for a cute bag.

I also bought Jezmine's handmade novelty brooch!

Anyway, we were greeted by Jezmine's Mom.

Jezmine was not around because she had an appointed at Mid Valley.

Her mom is sooo AWESOME!

Please do not blame me when you have this feeling of buying EVERYTHING in the shop!

Do visit her shop or blog or FB fanpage ya!

The Little Helper!



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