Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Yes, I was suicidal."

A  lot have used this line against me.

I was suicidal.

And the reason why I am admitting this is not because I want attention or more people to read my blog,

but I want to tell everyone that ANYONE can be suicidal.

I see the line " Iman dia tak kuat / Her faith is weak" as just one way for some people to hide their guilt for  not being able to see the signs sooner.


Seriously! - The effect will be a catastrophe!

I am glad/ relief / grateful that the society now is aware of this issue.

Let me share MY experience.

" It was 1997, I broke up with my so called Boyfriend. He left me. Feeling used and extremely irritated with the idea of being DUMPED , I overdosed. Tata came to the rescue. Hospitalized.
The rest was history."

"It was 2007 [ OMGness now I see the 10 year GAP!].
Again my boyfriend of 5 years dumped me. My fault. So I was depressed AGAIN!.
This time is was VERY VERY SUICIDAL. Not once or twice did I attempted to do it.
It was more than you can imagine. This time I was hospitalized. Three times!"

Hmmmmmmm... Yes I am hanging my dirty linen here.

But it is up to you to do what not with my confession.

The reason here is that , apart from the above
is because I just read a few articles in The Star today.

I could relate to their stories.

Their effort of crying out for help backfired because others were just too plain selfish and ignorant.

But I know that some just simply do/did not know how to handle and react to this.


Let go of that ego in you.

Give a hand.

A simple  "How are you?" is a lot for suicidal individuals.

And my Hubby Ali did that.

I married the guy who gave me a call asking "How are you?"

I was on the hospital bed when he called.

The rest is HISTORY.

Thank you ALLAH for sending an angel to me.

My parents and family helped me a lot too.

I am planning to join Befrienders Malaysia.
Public Session
26th March 2011.
Jalan Templer,
Petaling Jaya,


These article are taken from The Star - Sunday 13th Feb 2011.


To my readers , if you  need help on how to face this situation do email me and I will do my best to help.



Anonymous said...

Siz, I ingat I sorang akan terpikir to commit suicide...
rupe2nye ramai lg orang kt luar sane yg terpikir camtu..
Hopefully I can recover frm this big problems... ape2 pun.. life must go on... keep moving forward!! aja aja fighty!!.. >_<


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