Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Rules Of Love.

My BFF bought this book for me last year.
I read it once and now I am rereading it.

I need to enlighten myself from time to time.
One tends to forget the basic rules in life.

Maybe because one always takes things for granted.

Anyway, I would like to share some points that are highlighted in this book.

This book has 6 main topics:-

1) Rules of Finding Love
2) Relationship Rules
3) Rules of Parting
4) Family Rules
5) Frienship Rules
6) Rules for Everyone

Some important rules from the book:-

Rule 1 : Be yourself - if you fake it, you'll attract someone who belongs with a person that isn't you.

Rule 4 : If you are not sure if this is the right one, don't take a gamble on it. If it's right you will be sure - you w ill  know.

Rule 11 : A year is a perfectly reasonable length of time to ask someone to wait before decising to get married and what not.

Rule 18 : You can't make someone love you. You need and deserve someone who loves you for who you are. not for who you're pretending or trying to be.

Rule 20 : Be nice. They should be the most important person in the world to you, so why dont' they get the best treatment?

Rule 21 : In a strong relationship, partners don't breed dependence - they encourage independence.

Rule 22: Allow your partner the space to be themselves.

Rule 24: Be hourable. Your partner should never be expected to cover up for you, make excuses for you, apologize for you. No one wants to be associated with someone tactless, unkind, rude or thooughtless.

The most important rule to me is this rule:-

Rule 26 : Recognize the signs.
We have a very narrow idea of what constitutes a romantic gesture.You can't expect your partner - or anyone else for that matter - to have exactly the same ways as you of showing that they love someone.
So please don't berate you partner for not showering with clichéd romance.

There are 100 rules. Grab a copy if you find the above rules interesting and want to read more on it. Each rule is explained with examples of situations

p/s the book is kinda expensive RM75 : Thank You Tata!
But it helped me alot when i feel hurt and sad with my life.

Next book to reread is , Don't Be Sad.

Thank You Farah Hani , my ex schoolmate - she reminded me about that book.



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