Friday, March 18, 2011

What have they done?

It is so difficult for me to trust anyone. I trusted BAM about my suicide attempt. And look at what they have done with that bit of information. They ridicule and make fun of me in FB. People are thinking that they are the victim of this story. But those small minded people are too engrossed with the juicy gossip that they forgot about this thing called 'Sacred'. Seriously, some things are sacred - girl code . Apart from not dating your close friend's exbf , one should also be able to differentiate a story , a gossip and a secret. But I guess those two just needed the extra attention , apart from what they already have. One with a skill and another with a lost , they combined and joined forces to gain more popularity and 'followers' to my expence. I am being alienated like hell... they even joked about me going on Medical Leave for a year! Seriously they should not do so , it might have cost my job!


From this catastrophe , I am able to differentiate a friend and a backstabber. So cleared my list from those people and also had to privatised my wall from a few [ I had to , to save my friendship with them ]

I also got to know a few close friends who really ARE MY CLOSE FRIENDS. age, gender , background might differ but we have the same goal - not to be a backstabber. I told them repeatedly , if I did them wrong - come to me straight away. They have no need to go gossiping , because I did them wrong so I should appologise. Anyway , if they are sincere in a friendship, they would prefer to seek my forgiveness than to be the cause of spreading a juicy GOSSIP!

p/s Why did BAM refused to listen to my story and appology? this I have yet to know - I guess they prefer to backstab me rather than honour the girls' code!



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