Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Got to Go - Najwa and Siz

I will be away today.

Going to meet my Doctor.

Need to tell her that the new medicine is driving me crazy [ literally ]

My body aches all over and I get tired easily.

I sleep at odd hours and it would last for about 3-4 hours.

It is normal actually, the process to get adapted to a new medicine.

But this time , i think i give up.

i did not sign up for 24/7 body ache.

The side effects differ for different people.

Some who have taken this medicine, complains of headaches and migraine.

It is expensive , rm5 each. 30 days is equivalent to RM150.

Some people actually said that I pretent to be sick.

But RM5 per day? - Who would pay Rm150 to be sick?

Rm200 for consultations.

Ishk! such mean people those small minded people.

They know the price I have to pay.

Yet they make me as their joke.

It's okie. What ever that does not kill me will only make me stronger right?

I just pray hard that they would not spend thousand of Ringgit to hire an assassin to kill me.


Okie got to go.

Wel enjoy the video below.

Love Najwa!- first heard her sing when we went to Babyface last year! She did the opening act.

you go girl! - so sorry we could not make it for your showcase last Thursday! sob sob sob






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