Monday, March 7, 2011

Just ask Siz!

My close friends are being bombarded with this question 'is she REALLY sick'? Pity them, but then seriously Y can't those people ask me themselves?. I think I can explain the problems I'm facing much much better than my close friends. Maybe they do not believe that I'm sick. Should I show you my medical bills( in case the reason you asked that q is because you want to pay the bills) or my appointment card? ( so that you can drive me to d hospital & accompany me at the hospital waiting room?) Hahahahahahahahahahahhhhahhahhhahahah. This is how gossip starts people. Ask the person directly ( I do so when I'm in doubt- no point in not getting the right answer) small talks about someone out of the conversation lead to baaaaaad assumptions. Ask me when you want to know about me! Don't rely on opinions about me. Most of those humans out there have nothing nice to say Because there is nothing juicy-bad. So they make up stories out of spite. Pppffftt? Right?. If u always see me with smiles and laugh, that is the way for me to cope with the pain inside. [you can see the smile in my eyes, but not the tears in my heart'-sizarifalina ] This whole thing is such a contradiction. Half said that I keep telling everyone that I have tons of problems & i put on my sad face 24/7. While the other half do not believe that I even have any problems because I am always chirpy n all smiles. What theeeee?..Dulu my exbf's gf dok tgk my friends list dlm friendster. And spread rumors about me to my exstudents . Informing them that I am evil. Now, my exschoolmates are going through my fb friends list to spread rumors about me to my friends. Questioning if I am really sick or pretend to be. Gosh! I would rather buy books than pay my therapist rm209 per hour just to fake my depression. Why are they so mean n such bitches?. Did I burn down their house or steal their husband or kill their kids?. I have been concentrating on my recovery & have could not be bothered about them. I have been keeping quiet. It us as if they really want me to be locked up in am asylum or something. How evil they are. This is sooo weird!.. They really have the time to sit down and plan all these fitnahS about me.. Go fly kite & get a life la!!!


eyla and n said...

kak siz sabar ye people mmg doakn yg tbaik utk sis and familiy..bukan buku sis jek skang jd pilhan sy utk blog kak siz jugak..a lots of information! sabar ok!


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