Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not so awesome ,reallly.

Zas! It was my second night in a row. Same problem at the same time. 4pm , I will experience an excrutiating pain on my right temple. I'll be very anxious to get home & the journey back would something that I dread!. Upon reaching home, I will be greeted by my kids. By this time, the pain would have spread slowly to my shoulders. By 630pm, I'll be crying on my bed. The pain would have crawled to my whole body. There would be no other choice, I must take my pain killers which I know is very bad for my kidney. Then I'll be asleep during the odd hours. And wide awake at 11pm onwards. I would face great difficulties to fall asleep again. By 6am I would be trying ms best to stay awake to get ready to head to work. Hmmmmmm I'm in deep s***! I know.



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