Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Soho KL

I just got back from Soho KL!! Superb time spent with bff, Tata... Met alot of new awesome people at the bazaar. Old friends too. So sorry, can't upload the pics yet. My precious is still sick (lappy-iBook). So I can't edit the pics. No worries, will do so this Monday ya.. To my new blog readers... HoLa! Welcome to my crazy humble blog. Do visit again on Monday to see your pics!..  iela&N.. It was a very bubblycious conversation we had ya!... Charmaine (glossyaddiction) -- :p hope ur sales were greaaat!... Chelsey (TheBubbleLab) will be using ur handmade soap ASAP... To Datin Nina and BudakNamaSapik, korang tak dataaaaang... Nak tuntut pampasan nanti tau!...time to sleep .. Another tiring day tommowrrow with BakalPengantins ( Yaya&shafiq)..


eyla & n said...

wow ada name kami..
sis nak tau x bf sy admirer sis..sbb die ckp 1st die jumpe org yg sgt nice cm sis..yes sy pon time kte ley jumpe lg ye!
Thanks 4 the time!
kim salam kt bff akak ye.

SiZ said...

Hola sunshines! Tq u so much for commenting!... I'm so used to chitchatting with 1980s babies- my exstudents are around your age... Hahahah they said i'm one 'crazy chatty English teacher' ! Hope to meet u darlings soon ya! Have an awesome day ahead!! Say hi to Mr.N!

eyla dan n.. said...

kak siz npe pg kami sunshine..hehe..teruja dgr n nak tau..hehe..owh ye k..umu kak siz bape ye..chop nk teka..umu 27 tul x?xsempat nk explore lg blog kak siz nih.hehe..Mr N xsabar nk add kak siz kt fb sy pon cmtuh n nak tag gmbr kte that bagai nk gila lastly sy jumpe jugak..guna google jek..hehe..nnt sy nk blaja english la dgn kak siz..english sis sgt la boombastic..kami pon nk jumpe sis lg nnt..owh ble agaknyer suke bace blog sis..byk sgt ilmuan based on experience..sis baby tuh baby sape ye? comel la..

SiZ said...

Hola miss & mr sunshine! Me 27? No
la dears... I Am 33 this year.. My second batch of students are mr. Sunshine's age...boleh je nk jmp nanti.. No problem.. Hope u enjoy Reading my blog.. Bnyk membebel n also some that I find useful- sharing is caring kan?.. Gmbr atas tuh Arissa.. My petsister.. Hihihihi Kak Ieta's daughter- sabtu lepas dia Ada dtg .. Nampak tak cikKak tuh dok main air hujan?...kak ieta is my bff since I was in form 3.. Hihihihi.. Ok dears! Take care ya!

Anonymous said...

yes, i am longingggggg for your comments on the soap :)
and the photos as well


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