Wednesday, March 2, 2011

As I travelled alone.

I used to travel alone - Penang- PJ - Penang.

And I love it a lot!

I would drive alone....ride the bus alone.

Cherished each moment alone with the radio blasting and grasping the scenery.

Allah is Great.

Last week I had a course at Bukit Jawi Golf Resort.

Hence , I took the ooportunity to drive ALONE.

Many were surprise to know that I drove all the way from PJ.

Most of them travelled in pairs [ atleast ]

During these journeys alone,

I would also think about everything.

My life , my family , my students [ ex-students] ...

Many things could be solved when you set a side an hour or two [ in my case 4!]

to think about all the things that you need to.

Seldom would I feel sad or irritated while I drive these highways.

And yes ,  last week's journey was a much needed one!

I managed to reflect on all the things that have been bothering me since my last long journey alone.

It is different from those time spent on the road - to and from work.

It was like back to school for me.

Had fun!

This picture was taken at Balik Pulau - 715am.

I was on my way to MRSM Balik Pulau to meet my fellow friends.

I took this picture as I was driving along the main road of Masjid Negeri in Penang.

This Aunty was cycling like she owns the road.

hahahahah but mind you - that is a MOCHINO backpack!

Hahahah! TWO ULTRAMEN are placed at this Kindie!

To attract the toddlers to go to school.


Only in Penang?

Bukit Jambul.

p/s : I had to pass through 3 massive traffic jams on the way back to PJ.

FlyFM was playing the Ultimate Malay Karoke Song.

I sang along while holding my hp as a microphone.

Then I realised that I had a car full of audience on my right!

Well , I think you can figure out the rest.



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