Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ringgit Malaysia please...

Financial commitements I kinda get bugged whenever people use this sentence to describe me. "she does not have kids yet, of course she can afford those luxaries."  Pppfffttt! Well I wonder. Do they know about my financial commitments?. I DOUBT!. I do not go parading my bank statements or salary slips to the whole world ( or now we say - to the world wide web ) But I am kinda shocked to be able to identify that some people can actully put a price on their kids. "i have to pay for the kids tuition, school fees, milk, diapers....that is why I can't buy a designer bag" oh please, it sounds as if you are blaming your kids for not being able to splurge. Just put it this way.. It is not that you will NEVER afford to buy anything fancy for just need to adjust your financial schedule in order to indulge a few months/ years later than .. Er me?! I have friends who wished they were able to buy an iPhone like me 2 years ago.. And now they have iPhone4!. :p it is just a matter of time, patience and good financial planning. ( unless if you get married to a hotshot!)  Stop gossipping about others whom you THINK are richer than you and also , by YOUR JUDGEMENT- do not derserve the wealth they are enjoying. Allah knows best dearies. What you THINK you need may not be usefull to you actually. - a classic  example of PEER PRESSURE or JEALOUSY!  Smile and say "it is not the end of the world if I don't own that NOW"  p/s it is not a race!    330am



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