Monday, March 14, 2011


I was crying in physical pain.
Could not even sit nor stand long.
Then I recieved an SMS from my drummer, Liyana.
She informed me that our lead singer's(mariam) mother had passed away earlier today.
Mariam is now at the States furthering her studies.
The SMS left me dumbfounded n speechless for 30seconds.
 I ended up crying for a while.
 I could not bear the thoughts of Mariam being all alone when she heard the news.
Mariam was very close with her mother, this I know.
Mariam would cry over minute things when we were both back at mrsmbp.
She is a happy go lucky gal!.But I know that she is now all grown up n is a very strong young lady. Mariam, I'm here for you as always.
Allah knows best sayang... 


I will be visiting her family today with Liyana....



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