Friday, March 11, 2011

Malays vs English Language

One is not less of a Malay if one learns English. Are you leas of a Malay if you learn Arabic? So why the double standard?. I was labelled as a kafir once too many times. Why? It is because I teach English and am an English language teacher. Let us face it.. Alot of Malays out there are just aim lazy. They would come up with all sorts of reasons not to trouble themselves to  learn something new, or to some useless. Don't they know that alot of Muslim authors worldwide, writes in English as English has the precise words needed to explain certain elements from Quran? Ops! I forgot, they don't read English books, how would they know this right? My point here is.. Stop all this do-not-learn-English-as-it-is-the-kafir's-language !!! I'm getting fed up with it big time. Smart up will you. Alot of knowlege one can gain by mastering this language. Just because you are not good at it, don't go and condem those who are. goodnite!!! P/s just read  A doctor in the house



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