Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday - one

I ended up seeing my doctor at 5pm. The pharmacy closes at 445pm. So I went back without my meds. Imagine what type of hell inam going through at this moment. The doctor said she is so sorry that the last meds she gave me caused me to be so anxious 24/7. She nearly gave me Prozac but ended up she gave me something else. Well she did now want me to go through hell on earth again because it takes awhile for prozac to work. This time my family and close friends are giving me hell too. They put on this 'malas nak layan' mode, thinking that they would be helping me by ignoring me. Guess what! It is causing me pain and I am hurt badly. Badly enough to vow to go through this alone. Well I have been alone since January. They thought that I am okie. Hahahah! So they moved on with their lives and now when I need them again, they are just too 'busy' to attend to me. As a result I am alone. My enemies would take advantage of this information. I guess I'll be the topic in their 'facebook discussion' . Hmmmmm....



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