Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday is Today!

While a few individuals are trying their very best to crush me, I on the other hand am excited for this month's activities. 1st activity is completed. Soho KL day was a blast!. 2nd would be the Macaron class. Yipee!! Next weekend- Insya-Allah. 3rd is the Befrienders' open day!! Hmmm I am crossing my fingers for the free tickets to watch MerongMahawangsa ( beautifulnara.com) this Saturday... Basically, my weekends consist of one mini project! Doing my best to stay positive and happy 24/7. I'm currently at home with my new set of medication. Was advised to stay in as the meds would make me drowsy n I might vomit!. Blergh! Anyone want to trade places with me?. Btw.. My lappy is still in coma, hence no pictures will be uploaded today. Pray for my health ya! 



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