Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cath Kidston!

My officemate - PhatDivaMama loves Cath Kidston - ALOT!

I would often see her holding atleast an item of Cath Kidston.

And I guess , her passion is slowly being spread to me , by me that is!

Her bags are all soo cheerful and colourful - just what I need to  brightened up my day.

Now I am eyeing on these two!

p/s PhatDivaMama is an awesome photographer !
Do visit her website ya!

Thank You PDM for lending me your Cath Kidston Catalogue!



Sheila said...

yes.. I've seen her blog before this and actually drools on her collection. wish to buy at least 1 item from cath kidston someday. Everytime I wanna hit the 'check out' button, i kept on thinking on 'berapalah kena tax custom ni nanti..'..

SiZ said...

tuh la - i pon mcm takut mahal..but nowadays dah replica sold at small stalls :) btw..TQ for reading my blog muahs!

Sheila said...

Yes.. replica pun banyak. but some of them claimed its original & charge mahal. padahal, kalau ikut yg original, sepatutnya lebih mahal lagi dari harga yang diorang offer tu.

ishaqkhanuk said...

Visit my FB @ Kecik mungik for original cath kidston London available in Jakarta city. Thanks!


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