Sunday, March 6, 2011

People change ? Or is it their true colours?

This question has many answers. All based on each individual's experience. I guess it is both. Depends on what it is. Let us take a look at a few scenarios. A had a friend who was so adamant against people who posts their children's picture online. But now she is doing so.. At a high volume. Change? Or true colours. Some might say change because it is not her normal self. But I say true colours. Reason, my friend was adamant when she has no child.. But when she is a mother now.. She is very proud of her boy.. And wants to share everything to the whole world. Next.. "look at Ms X, she buys designer handbags. Such a waste of money. One can buy a few handbags for the price of that one miserable bag." said Ms Y. And now Ms Y has a designer bag ( or is it more?).. Change? Or true colours?.. Well I guess Ms X was such a sourpuss that when she can't afford to buy something , she bitches about those who has. Now since she can afford.. She just joins the club. So how are u so far on this topic? Still with me ? Laughing with ( not at) me? last scenario, when Ms P did not have many friends, Ms P was so kind and humble. But now that she hastins of friends. She is such a pain in the ass..changed or true colours?... Well to me- she just did not know how to manage her emotions when too much attention is on her...



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