Thursday, March 3, 2011

Of books & cyber world

Gosh! My iBook is still in coma & all of a sudden my wifi at home sucks big time. 3G subscription ended too as my contract with Maxis has. So I'm stuck with EDGE. Allah is giving the warning (sign) that I should not get soooo hooked up with social networks. I have to finish up with my reading. I have read more than 500 books & I have about 30-40 unread books. I still buy novels by my favourite authors: James Patterson, Nick Hornby, Ramlee Awang Murashid, Sophie Kinsella, Dan Brown, Jodi Picoult... You can see that the books I read are not from the same genre.. My music taste goes without saying. My parents are bugging me to pack my books that I left in their KD house. I guess there are some books that I can either donate or resell. Oh ya! Not forgetting my Pre-loved bags. Maybe I should do both. With the money I gain, I can buy my LV?!. Or an iPad!.. Hahahaha.. Well it feels great to be able to set a goal. Things at work are getting a bit dull. Nothing much that needs to be done. YET!. Everything is still  at the begining stage. Hmm it's already 1am. I better read before I sleep. I have to revert to my normal daily routine (it's not that bad!) before I got aquainted with the cyber world. Read books n sleep earlier!. And also I must have more face to face interections, can't really trust the written words- you just won't be able to see the sincerity in people. I see many of my friends who do not have any social networking account are very contented with life. Hmmm should spend more time in real sociallising. No more 2 people being glued to the computer/ lappy screen in a room or at  the same table. Good nite my angels (and my secret ones too) May our day tommorow be an awesome possum ( ishk y am I so obssed with that tagline!)


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