Sunday, January 2, 2011

The World Wide web

I am trying to figure out why i feel like there are certain things which are not right about social networks and blogs when my fellow blogger's blog was hacked..

1. Are we selling ourselves out to the world and leaking about ourselves whenever we post something via social networks and all the others to the world wide web..? 

2. Some games in these social networks have bad influence to us and kids..most games cultivate the expression of anger and hatred towards opponents. I mean , not a healthy competition and all.

3.S ome blogs lashes out things that would create negative vibes among friends, countrymen [and ladies] and what not.
They use the sentence " it is my personal blog , so live with it"
But aren't you worried that you might create anger between people out there.

4. For the past two weeks or so ,
the twitterville was showered with anger by two countries.
Then more bloggers blog about their hatred.

Just a thought [ or a few ]

No3 #2011resolution : Emit positive vibes via



World Wide Web