Monday, January 10, 2011

A Trip to SS2 Mall : It's Almost Home

Last Saturday Arissa , Tata and I went to check out a new shopping mall at ss2.

Was excited when we saw this huge poster!
Fullhouse will be open in PJ.

These shops are open and ready to welcome you.

Erk! so sorry if the map is not clear.

To me it s great place for everyone to hang out
[when all the shops are open]
It is slightly bigger than Tropicana Mall.
More great shops here.
Alot of restaurants.
The best would be Times Bookstore for me.

Oh ya! they also have these fountains on the floor like infront of The Gardens.
Tata told me that , it is a place for the kids to have fun with water.
So when you are there,
do not be surpise to see soaking wet kids screaming and enjoying themselves.



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