Sunday, January 23, 2011

Redmummydotcom dalam Berita Mingguan.

Tak ramai yang akan reply my tweets.
Maybe ramai yang pandang Siz sebelah mata jer kot. 


@redmummydotcom will always reply my tweets.

So this morning when I check out my twitter via Handphone,
I saw this!

[the pics below was taken from my iBook]

So dengan pantas , Siz terus tweet RM.
As always, RM will reply.

Siz dengan pantas, mandi and drove to the nearest petrol station.
but then , Berita Mingguan HABISH!

So Siz went to 7 Eleven.

Next was the kedai runcit yang Siz akan selalu beli makanan anak2.


Siz start baca blog RM a few months ago.
Still baru actually.

Siz was googling something and stumbled upon RM's blog.

Found RM in twitter.

And the rest is history.
Siz would tweet her when Siz nampak dia online.

And she is soooo sporting and very friendly.

So what is RM all about?

Do check out her blog ya!

and read today's Berita Mingguan.

Oh ya! jangan  lupa...declare kat LHDN tau.

p/s Muahs to RM!


Anonymous said...

satu dalam sejarah :)
thanks for your support yer Siz.


SiZ said...

muas to RM! thank you for blog walking!


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