Monday, January 31, 2011

Jinggo .... Y?

Well, Jinggo was found on my neighbor's roof ,


I was so embarrassed to ring my neighbour's doorbell last Saturday.

Even Kitty was really angry with Jinggo.

Kitty came over to the neighbour's gate while I still had Jinggo in my arms.

I was talking to the neighbours and Kitty was busy scolding her brother for being so naughty.

This is a scene because seldom would I hear Kitty make any noise other then eeekkk!

Once in a blue moon would she MEOW at me.

As the two of them , Kitty and Jinggo

 'walked' back to our house,

Kitty was busy lecturing Jinggo.

My, my ...

I laughed all the way because Jinggo walked back with his head faced down.

It looked as if he was receiving a good LECTURE from Kitty!

The pictures below were taken during yesterday's Sunday Rain!

As you can see, Jinggo is such a curious kitten.

He is most of the time up to mischievous.

Hmmmm...I have the feeling that ,

each time he goes missing

he will be on the same rooftop!

"Mummy, is that you?"

"What is Daddy doing?"

"Er is that Kitty?!"

"Hey ! This is unfair. I want to get in!"



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