Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What have i done?

I just realised t hat i have been such a crappy person for the past 3 years..and i really pray hard that 2011 wont be in the list.

3months of total depression sucked away 3 years of my precious life.

Only one good thing came out of that depression : my marriage.

Ali came to the rescue at the nick of time.

I was in the hospital back then when he out of the blue called me.

He said that he kept thinking of me and actually dreamt of me.

So when he woke with me in his mind , he called up to say hi.

Unfortunately i was in the hospital then. He was shocked and demanded to see me ASAP.

and that was when he told me he actually fell in love with me.

Anyway, back to the topic.

Now I realise that i have wasted 3 years of wallowing and sulking and self pitying toooot.

Why must i make  myself so unhappy. But it is weird how i was obsessed with hurting myself on a daily basis.

[getting the headphones for music- ♫BunkAnthem]

Seriously, i was indeed the happy-go-lucky-girl that  my father claimed me to be.

I was always what the heck all the time and smiling and happy and cracking silly jokes.

I was damn reliable and such a good daughter/auntie/sister w hen it comes to doing favours or giving rides  to my family members.

I was also very creative -  played the guitar and wrote songs [ which i will never sing to anyone other than myself]

I was 60KG tops! y? because i played tennis! ishk! so i was hot! hahaha 168cm in height ok!

[♫Prom Queen]

Well i might be a bit more angst back then - with Avril Lavigne in my head 27/7

I was superb ok! An English Language Teacher who is so into music,drama and fun fun fun fun!

I took a whole bunch of risks! A risk taker indeed.

I woke up smiling and eager to go to work!

I had friends , close friends whom i can depend on.


Now i like pink no more black and red [ but then i realised that Avril is into such girly songs now ]

I am driving a MyVi! - not my SATRIA!

I am into deisgner bags! - i used to  buy rm10-rm30 bags only


I am reading gossip collums - what happened to those novels?

I drive to work! - i used to walk and be able to suck in fresh air!


Oh no! 5 more minutes to punch out time.




faiq said...

kuat sgt pengaruh bunkface ni..

SiZ said...

tuh la pasal..ishk!...hihihihi

Anonymous said...

tapi... i rasa you dah GEMUK lerrr.....!!!!

SiZ said...

aik kenapa anonymous? pelik...dah turun dah berat badan ...baru timbang semalam..dah turun 5kg..hahahahah


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