Friday, January 28, 2011

Instagramed Kitty.

Another Royal Treatment for my Kitty.

Kitty has not been eating well lately.

So I decided to buy an 'expensive' meal for her.

But she ate only a few pallets.

So , while she was on her 'bed'

I placed her bowl in the bed.

TADAAA she ate happily.


These pictures were taken after her meal and her short nap.

As I was watching TIRAMISU , Kitty came over and wanted to jump on the bed next to me


I guessed I had to reward her for her behaviour,

I gave her a 30-minute-nap snuggled next to me.

Ops! I really hope that hubby Ali is not reading this.

My leg had to stay still for 30 minutes!

Lucky me - I was holding the tv remote control.



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