Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Tuesday MC day!

I was at the clinic this morning.
Last night was so awful.
My chest was in pain and so was my whole body.

Trust me when I say that ,
you do not want to be so sickly like me.
I have weird ones.

I went 2 the grocery shop next to the clinic 2 buy my kids' food.
The owner opened a container filled with cats' biscuits.
And look at who came a long to have some.
So cute right?
He is eating next to a container filled with his food!
So it was Instagram time for me right away.

Above is a pic of my balcony view.
I love my view so much!
Oh ya ,
The house on the left.
That was the house where Jinggo was stuck for 2 days.
On the porch roof!
Naughty boy.

Nite-nite all, time for me to sleep.
I will be at work tomorrow!



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