Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chi's Sweet Home

I read this article in theStar today!

And I was excited.
It is about a kitten!

Googled it.
 After i watched the cartoon online via YouTube,
i realised that this kitten is exactly like my dear  JINGGO!

If you own a kitten , I am sure you would agree with me when I say that all the things Chi did is what any other  kitten would do!

After being accidentally separated from her mother and siblings, a kitten is taken in by a human family. Although pets are forbidden in their apartment complex, they become attached to the kitten they have named "Chi" and decide to keep her, hoping they will be able to keep her a secret from the landlady and the other residents. Chi's new family - A gentle mother, a kind father, and a playful little boy - has never owned a cat before. This presents some problems, but it also fills every day with new discoveries and joys, and they come to think of Chi as an important member of their happy little family. And although some of the things her family does occasionally confuse or annoy Chi, she comes to really enjoy her happy and fun life with them in her new Sweet Home.

Chi is a kitten who accidentally gets separated from her mother, and is unable to find her way home again. A boy and his family find Chi and give her a home, although all Chi wants is to return to her mother
To read it online:-
Let us watch episode 1 & 2

I like this video below!
All of my cats did this!

To watch more episodes :


But then , can anyone buy these for me?



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