Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I am Meeko from Prague!

Here is my ex-student's kitten.
Both of them are in Prague!
I just love the way she smiles at the camera.

I asked Hazim to describe Meeko 
and this was what he wrote...

Oh my cat,

name: meeko
age: was born on 2nd August... so by this time she supposed to be 5 months old

Favourite food: hahah of course can foods.,.. she prefers beef/chicken rather than fish! haha... the real carnivore!!! n yeah she loves milk as well! (keep on stealing my milk when i left my mug on the table!)

favourite sport/games/activites: chasing over some moving objects like balls and etc etc (even when i put my rabbit outside of the cage, then she chased after the rabbit!!! a great predator she is)... sometimes strings too!!! n also sleep! she needs someone to sleep with! :) she needs attention like all the time n hates to be alone...also meeko loves to play hide n seek :) hahah!!!

she is afraid of heights.... yeah once she went outside of my apartment without me noticing it... n she went to the topmost level n she couldn't come down by herself!!! 
LOL... i couldnt find her until my doorbell rang, n my neighbour returned her to me...

also, she loves heat from computer, or from my study lamp... n normally end up sleeping on bed/my table while i m studying/ on my lap/ on my laptop! haha...

I really hope that one day i can meet MEEKO!!
 Nak kena pegi INDIA la pulak kan?


Anonymous said...

siz! i want to borrow meeko! juz 4 a while..teehee

SiZ said...

oit! another anonymous..hihihi haiya..u have to go all the way to prague!


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