Sunday, January 23, 2011

Macaroons with Poshy Roxy at Whisk-Empire Mall.

I asked Poshy if she was free this late afternoon for tea.
I needed company to go to Empire Mall.
Wanted to try out some macaroons.
After googling for it.
I found Whisk!
It is located on LUG near to Jaya Grocer.
and  later i found out from @munafaizal that it is her friend's Emma's shop!

These macaroons are sold for RM2 each.
They also have big one for RM8.
The blue macaroon is actually peanut butter flavoured.

Tada! this was taken by the Mr. Cashier there.

I highly recommend this place coz it is so cozy and homey.
A great place to have a girls' chitchat time!

We had a great time there.
BTW, Poshy is my Hubby Ali's first Niece.

p/s Poshy , we should do this often ya darling! Muahs!



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