Friday, January 28, 2011

I am Broke!

Yes, I am announcing this to the world.

I am broke
[but not bankrupt , please identify the differences!]

So I opt to eat healthy.

Yes the picture above is a container of oats.

I am trying my best to diet here.

Please smile and say "You must be joking"

so that I can say " No I am not!"

Okie..first was the jogging shoes [ and jogging] ,

and now oats.

Next would be plain water, then take some vitamins.

I need to be slightly slimmer ,
so that I would not look sooo pregnant when obviously I am NOT!

Apart from that , I feel that I am extra tired hence the laziness just swoops right in.

I would get so weak at 4pm.

And when I get home , I can hardly lift my head.

The thing I hate the most is that even though I am so tired,

I still cannot sleep well.

I am trying my best not to take the Xanax nowadays.

Do not want to be too dependant on it.

No doubt , when I am tired I will feel so guilty for not being able to tend to important matters.

And it will end up with me having this huge rock in my head.



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