Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Awesome Zicco Tees!

Back in the 90s when I was a head cheerleader,
I found it difficult near to impossible to find a good printer to print  my cheerleading T-shirts.
At that time, we wore T-shirts.
Not those cute cheerleading outfits that the girls get to wear now.

I experienced 2 hours [from 8-10pm] at Central Market.
Well i had to help out the printer to print the T-shirts.
I needed it the next day.

Yes to that extend!

With the ancient tools to print it,
it took a long time.
But I managed to get some discounts! Yippee!

But NOW!

Usually, printers would have minimum orders of 10 or so on.
But Zicco has none!

You can buy even one for RM 50.00

11-50 : RM47
51-100: RM45

Some of the ready-made designs!


So what are you waiting for?
Design your Tees.
Or grab one [or ten] of the great Tees available!



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