Friday, January 14, 2011

MC tapi active online?

Haiyo..sampai mcm tuh sekalik ke metality org nih.

excuse me! hp sekarang nih ada this thing call WIFI and 3G.

i do  not have to switch on my lappy or pc tuh go online.

my hp pon leh okie!

next, my blog is scheduled when i want it to be published...i blog now and i can publish it like at 3am ...sebagai contoh this entry is being typed via HP! and it is published at 3am!. and i am sound asleep at the moment.

My twitter and blog is linked to my FB ...

Bila my blog masuk dalam ur news does not mean  lepas my entry is published , benda tuh terus keluar kat takes HOURS for my blog to masuk your news feed!

Oh ya! do u know that any comments to my status updates is being sent to my hp! and i can reply via hp and it will be publish straight to my fb...MCM JAWAP SMS!

and also you can update ur status VIA SMS! xyah online pon!

checking your tweets is like checking you SMS in your hp!


AMI.FAHMI said...

relak relak. tkmo marah2 :D

SiZ said...

baik budakku!


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