Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What kind of Handbag?

Remember this book?
Bought it at Kinokuniya last fridat day for RM45.95

So i am a studded-Balenciaga-gym-LeSportsac Lady!

Studded Lady Bag
Pros:She is unafariad of starin the ugly truth in the eye, knowing and loving it for what it is.
Conc:She is so prepared for the 'worst-case scenario' she wills it upon herself. Optimism is the new black.
Hollywood Bag Lady: Angelina  Jolie

Balenciaga Bag Lady
She is the taste maker, the heartbreaker, whose fifth food group is caffeine and sixth sense is for vintage shopping.

LeSportsac Lady
She's on-the-go kind of girl, jammed into a  bright and bubbly package.
She has a  great sense of humor, which is just as well since her bag looks more like a comic strip than a respectable accesory.

Gym Bag Lady
Pros: She knows what she wants.
Cons: She's had on her friends as she is on herself, she might wind up very lonely. Occasionally she has to allow herself to deviate from her routine; flexibility is a crucial component of strength.

Cool eh?...there are like like over 30 types of bags with it's description.
I took a gist from the description, just to give you a picture of what this book is all about!.
It has :-
Designer Fake Lady
Diaper Bag Lady
Tods Tote Bag Lady
Vintage Leapord-Print Lady



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