Sunday, June 6, 2010

5 days

It has been 5 days since i last read your blog. So i do not know what is going on in your life.i would not know what things you have said about me. But people still read your blog and click on my link in your entries to read mine. i don't think it is wise for them to do so because they might judge you wrongly. I am used to not having many friends, but i think you need all the support you can to go thru your depression and lost. So, if you are reading my blog please erase any link in your blog to my blog. I have erased all entries about you , hence no more pictures of you and your family members in here. You are depressed, and i know because i too had gone through depression. Seek medical advice coz it will help you, at least 30%. i did not tell every tom, dick and harry about our problem, just to those whom i trust, for i seek their advice on how to handle this situation. My husband is still waiting for the phone call from your husband to arrange the item that you want returned. I have erased your number, so we do not know how to contact you.
I am to stop any communication with you, before i hurt my family and i. Before my whole family and i go thru hell. I do not want to go thru it all over again. I have been struggling to get better. So , when this thing happened and i got sick again, my family was really angry. They knew how i put a lot of effort trying to help you with your grief. So i do not blame them for being angry with the whole situation..
I was advised also to just keep the friends i have. because i am still emotionally unstable. It is not like having a fever, you take you meds and you will be okie. It takes years to overcome any depression.
Depression is not like stress.

To learn more about depression:

i can barely remember how i was when i first had depression, because i was not myself at all. i was told that I would suddenly be in the kitchen with a knife or on the balcony getting ready to jump down. i would walk out of the house barefooted. My family had to supervise me all the time. In case i do something out of the extraordinary. I nearly stabbed myself. There are still marks on my wrists.

The reason i am telling you this is not to gain pity, but just to inform my readers how bad a depression can be. Do not take depression lightly. People who are depressed would hurt themselves.



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